BBC Introducing

“by far one of our favourite bands”

The Independent

“Polly And The Billets Doux deliver a sort of nostalgia (all upright bass and brushed snares)... it falls inside the right end of the Imelda May/Fairground”

Uncut Magazine

“The new Duffy? No! Polly Perry’s way better!” ****

The Daily Mirror

“From hot rocking thrills, to jazzy splendour to country darkness, the musical brief of Polly and the Billets Doux seems to be, if it sounds and feels good, go for it!”

The Word Magazine

“Astoundingly good” (Best New Music Feature on Polly And The Billets Doux)

R2 / Rock 'N' Reel

“Their album is definitely one of the more entertaining and more fully formed debuts of the year!” *****

For Folk's Sake

“Polly Perry’s belting vocals are infectious. They are a talented group who sound assured playing blues, country and jazz. But what carries Fiction, Half-Truths and Downright Lies is the quality of the songwriting.”

Spiral Earth

“Polly And The Billets Doux are the perfect mix of jazz, blues, folk and soul, and have been enjoying some well-deserved rave reviews so far”